Slow cluster failover waiting for network name in online pending state

After getting a new Microsoft failover cluster, I found during the failover tests that the network name failed over horribly slowly. Otherwise everything was fine, but a complete SQL cluster failover took more than a minute and it was all because the network name remained online pending for ages. After some googling I didn’t find any specific solution, but I found a blog post about Exchange 2007 on Windows 2008 which put me into the right direction (that is, answered my question in a sentence) and gave the “I should have thought of this earlier” feeling (which helps me to exercise humbleness).

The sentence is the following:

In previous versions of Windows Cluster Server, every time a Network Name came online, it would register with DNS.

So I just checked my network settings and found that the Register this connection’s addresses in DNS checkbox was ticked. I cleared it and made a few tests: the network name came online in a second or less.

And I hate all the forums outside because you can’t just answer other’s question, you have to register (your login is already in use/too long/too short/contains invalid character/not complex enough/blocked by the swearword filter – and your password is way worse ) – and you get the confirmation mail the next day. So I left a few guys unanswered, but I hope Google will pick up this post so it’ll help on others.

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