SQL Server and forgotten sysadmin passwords

Up to SQL 2005, the sysadmin role contains the local Adminstrators group by default (and by design), under the name BUILTIN\Administrators. This bothered some folks as it wasn’t secure enough for them, so the SQL 2008 asks you during the install who should be the member of the sysadmin role, no automatic membership granted to local admins. This is a pretty well-known feature.

However, it it lesser known that if you start the SQL Server in a single user, minimal mode (sqlservr -m -c started from the directory of the program directory, you can see it at the installed service), the local admins become sysadmins, independently of their normal privileges. This can be a failsafe solution, for example in an over-hardened environment where someone accidentally lost the password of the renamed and disabled sa account, which was the only sysadmin. You can reset passwords, add new sysadmins or whatever you want.

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